The templating language used by pythonite is a HTML attribute language extension using the "py" namespace.


<h1 py:sub="document.title"> ... </h1>

tag attributes

Substitute the content between surrounding tags with the value of expr

Like py:sub but replace also the surrounding tags

Substitute the value of the preceding attribute

py:set="var expr"
Set a variable to expr
<b py:sub="1">0</b>  =>  <b>1</b>
<b py:rep="1">0</b>  =>  1
<a href="page.htm" py:attr="'/'">link</a>  =>  <a href="/">link</a>

conditional change

"if condition"
keep the block only if condition is true

if condition: change
change the block content only if condition is true
<b py:sub="if False">0</b>  =>  
<b py:sub="if True">0</b>  =>  <b>0</b>
<b py:sub="if False: 1">0</b>  =>  <b>0</b>
<b py:sub="if True: 1">0</b>  =>  <b>1</b>

<b py:rep="if False">0</b>  =>  
<b py:rep="if True">0</b>  =>  0
<b py:rep="if False: 1">0</b>  =>  0
<b py:rep="if True: 1">0</b>  =>  1

block repetitions

"for var in list"
repeat the block for each var in list

"for var in list: change"
change the block content for each var in list
<b py:sub="for i in range(3)">x</b>  =>  <b>x</b><b>x</b><b>x</b>
<b py:rep="for i in range(3)">x</b>  =>  xxx
<b py:sub="for i in range(3): i">x</b>  =>  <b>0</b><b>1</b><b>2</b>
<b py:rep="for i in range(3): i+1">x</b>  =>  123