Add the following Apache directives either into httpd.conf inside a <Directory> block or in a local .htaccess file:

AddHandler python-program .htm
PythonHandler pythonite.servers.modpy2 # for mod_python 2.x (Apache 1.3)
  -- or --
PythonHandler pythonite.servers.modpy3 # for mod_python 3.x (Apache 2.0)

For the correct handling of directories without index, you'll need to enable mod_rewrite and also add these directives:

RewriteEngine on
RewriteRule ^(.*)/$ $1/index.htm

You can also define the following options:

# session expiration in seconds
PythonOption sesstime 900

# thumbnail image size
PythonOption thumbsize 160x100
It's also possible to use pythonite in standalone mode using a simple http server provided. Just run the following command:
python -c 'from pythonite.servers import server;'
Then you can access your site using the following URL: